About me

I am originally from North Dakota and have made my home in 
Arizona since 1973.   I like meeting and working with most people.  I have 36 years experience and I love my work.  I am optimistic that I am able to help anyone who is a willing participant. 

I have raised a daughter and enjoy being a father. 

I have conducted workshops for other professionals nationally and through the Milton H. Erickson Foundation  International Congresses.  You may look at that website for further information
(www.erickson-foundation.org).   I studied 350 hours with Dr. Milton H. Erickson which enabled me to learn the most innovated techniques for hypnosis and psychotherapy.  Please look under the Service page for more information on this type of therapy.  Deep relaxation can also provide similar results.

I earned my Ph.D. at the University of Arizona in 1976 from the Department of Counseling and Guidance.  I am a Licensed Psychologist.

I can be reached at (520) 325-1669.

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